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Forms of shipments and prices.

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Each customer declares with full ability to use credit cards and that they have sufficient funds to cover all costs of purchasing products through Errezil & CO SL.
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Clicking the "Pay" button during the checkout process, users have fully and unreservedly accept these terms and conditions.

The data recorded by Errezil & CO SL data as evidence of transactions between Errezil & CO SL and members of the private community. Errezil & CO SL will confirm your order by email.

Prices do not include transport costs.

Errezil & CO SL reserves the right to change prices at any time but the products are based on the rates in effect at the time of registration of the order (depending on availability that has the product) invoiced manifesto except misprint.

The products remain the property of the supplier until the moment it has the full payment of the price.

Errezil & CO SL reserves the right to refuse an order for any member having a dispute.


Errezil & CO SL will make every effort to meet all customer demands.

In the absence of product availability after ordering the customer you will be informed by e -mail to cancel.

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Card payment :
Visa and MasterCard credit cards are accepted. The purchase price will be charged to the customer's bank account.

This mode has no cost to the customer.


For your safety Errezil & CO SL has left on the system of payment by credit card to a payment gateway.

The bank details are entered, they are encrypted and transmitted to secure bank server and then verified with the issuing bank to prevent fraud and abuse.

This method of data entry is through SSL encryption technology (Secure Socket Layer) -128 bits, one of the most modern and effective protection available, thanks to which any third party Internet access to this information It safeguarded by the customer entered data bank.

Only the bank and PayPal access to bank data of these troops are connected so that Errezil & CO SL does not know what is recorded during the payment process.


The supplier will send the products to the distribution warehouse, where are the products whose ultimate goal is to address the set of buyers. Whenever you go to send an order, the buyer gets receive an e -mail.

Shipping costs will be paid by the buyer.

From the edition of e -mail "My Orders": The order according to the order will be in Errezil & CO SL, after the payment, which is across the link can be considered confirmed.

Errezil & CO SL has asked its customers to choose the place of delivery and make your home, office or stuck in the middle where you want to deliver the product.

SL & CO Errezil inform the customer of the application output distribution warehouse, by sending an email.

Each delivery is complete after the realization of the client uses the available through the help of the control of the company product. For the recipient to check the order of delivery, and then all reservations and complaints appear justified even you have the ability to reject the package that was open or obvious signs of wear.

Reserves and claims should be addressed to find in SL & CO Errezil e -mail to the address listed on page Errezil & CO SL.

Data protection law.

Under the provisions of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data (the Act), Errezil & CO SL informs you that the data contained in this website will be automated file is included in a registered with the National Commission for Information and are aimed at Errezil & CO SL to meet the requirements to meet demand. According to Article 5 of the law, you will be duly informed in detail on our forms of the purpose and use of the information provided.

Information: data at high

The data provided by you in the documents of the website will be automatically processed and is part of the file property of Errezil & CO SL is registered in the Data Protection Agency. These data for the internal control of business contacts requesting information, or will remain with whom a business relationship.

Except in areas where otherwise noted, responses to questions about personal data are voluntary. The victim agrees with the accuracy of the information provided.

In accordance with Article 5 of Law 15/1999, of December 13, Protection of Personal Data, you are entitled to access this information, correct if data are wrong and unsubscribe from a file On Please ask LOPD, Errezil & CO SL, sending the request to the email address , compliance with the notification provided in Article 5.4 of the same forever.


Warranties and after-sales services are by Royal Legislative Decree 1/2007 of 16 November approving the regulated text of the General Law for the Protection of Consumers and Users. Under this rule, the seller is obliged to inform consumers and users of products complying with the Treaty reacts to deliver against him for lack of conformity. The consumer and user has the right to repair the product until they are replaced, reducing the purchase price or withdraw.

Responsibility disputes and applicable law

Errezil & CO SL, in the case of stock shortage or product unavailability, force majeure, disruption or total or partial strike, is not liable for breach of contract, in particular, postal services and transport and / or communications , flood or fire. In case of dispute, the member of the Errezil & CO SL priority should be approached in a friendly settlement.

Changes in the terms and conditions

Errezil & CO SL reserves the right to change the terms and conditions without notice and may change, delete or add content and services through them and the way in which they are presented or arranged is your server.

These changes are caused by the user each time you make a purchase through the accepted effective page Errezil & CO SL.

Members of the "Private Community Errezil & CO SL", which do not comply with the amendments to the General Terms and Conditions, teaches and from the date on which the new version to be effective, the use of services Errezil & CO SL should. If any provision of the Terms is illegal or unenforceable it shall be null and void and will apply from the parties agreed to a lack of motivation in the Spanish Civil Code.